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Medicine Mask

The Witnesses

Starcatcher Paint Party

Hosted by Musea Museum

All proceeds got to the Intentional Creativity Foundation the 501(c)3 not for profit that funds the Museum

Healed Enough Arts is a about women CHOOSING to show up as they are in order to alchemize their stories, perceptions, and pain into medicine that can transform that which wants to be healed. As your Creative Catalyst my intention for this container is to help you gain access to your inner landscape and embody true alignment of heart, mind, body, and field, so that you can amplify the whispers of wisdom from your inner self!

Are you a woman who is looking to transform your old stories and create a new narrative? Are you ready to let the world know that YOU MATTER?

I want you to know that YOU matter to me!

Creativity to me is not only about making art. It is about making medicine to heal the stories that run you so that you can be more of who you really are! It is about my desire to impress, inspire, and impact other women and girls called to activate their own self-healing though self-expression, because I believe we are all born to create!

Which is why in 2021 I will be offering a variety of complimentary and paid workshops called Whispers of Wisdom or W.O.W.

Why? Well because I feel that although living in the NOW is about BE-ing present, and living in your W.O.W is about living beyond presence and in coherence. By embodying coherence we activate all of our being and systems to integrate as they are informed by our heart so that we can amplify the whispers of wisdom from the authentic voice of our hidden self.

During these workshops we will be using a way of working called Intentional Creativity which simply means creating with intention. This will be done by practicing connection through ritual, journeying through visioning, journaling, metacognitive drawing, and creating medicine in the form of paintings, clay works, or any other mixed media method the Muse desires.

This is how it works:


Flow and Structure, Structure and Flow

Ask your heart what it wants you to know

Right brain brings your ideas and desires

Left brain plans for what ignites your soul fire

This wonderful dance is only the start

It only requires that you see with your heart

What are you working with, what’s got you lit?

What does it look like? Let’s doodle a bit

Now for the what? where? why? and what is its form?

How? and what else? Come let us Heartstorm

If you see it, it will come in that you can trust

Your future is certain just follow your brush.

~Poem by Milagros Suriano-Rivera

I know that in-person gatherings will need to be done with care and that love should be in the center of all our choices. It is out of love that I have created this sacred container from which to hold space for you so that we may meet together here.