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I spent Mother’s Day on a flight from Raleigh, North Carolina heading to Austin, Texas.

Between Heaven and Earth

As I cruised above the clouds, my mind was pondering life and the world and who I was in it. I turned my awareness to my beingness, as flesh, spirit, and energy. Thoughts crossed my mind as I gave thanks to the universe in it’s expansiveness for supporting me as well as the tons of metal I was trapped in.

I leaned into the marvel of being trully between heaven and earth as I have imagined so many times before….yet actually being there in the physical realm was so comforting some how. Almost as if, i was home. Yes, home in the sky where I came from. I felt the acknowledgement in every cell of my body as they remembered the exact star they came from.

Looking toward the horizon where sky met clouds, I was in inquiry about what was my experiential relationship with motherhood. I thought of my relationship with my children as I thought about the fact that it was Mother’s Day and here I was without my children, or my mother. While searching and savoring this question, feeling into the feeling of motherhood and all of its many facets, challenges, joys, and sorrow….the pilot’s voice came through the speakers to advise that we would be decending to cruising altitudes making out approach to Austin and that the winds may cause a bit of turbulence.

I don’t know why it surprised me that I would be in inquiry and the exact word I was seeking would come to me from a voice coming out of a little box. But it did!

When I look back and review my maternal journey and my relationships with my children and my own mother….TURBULENCE it seems to encompass my experience in a nutshell. Yes, that’s it ups and downs, highs, lows, and rocky at times. On some occasion I had to use the oxygen mask just to breath and hold on tight in prayer as I felt I was going to plummet!

The universe always stablized the winds beneath my wings and held me.

I am sure you may be reading this and perhaps had a situation or relationship that may have been a turbulent ride for you. My invitation is to be in inquiry about where in your life has there been turbulence? and, how has the universe held you and kept you steady? or What would it look like if you were supported by the universe? The universe is all around us, in nature, the animal realm, and even in the eyes of a friend. It sees you all the time. Will you dare to take a moment to see it in everything, or notice it at all in the mundane?

Will you dare?

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