The Witnesses

Many of us are conditioned to look externally for support. We run to our girlfriends when we need a shoulder to cry on, or perhaps a therapist or our hair dresser for an ear to listen to our latest complaints or achievements. What if you dared to imagine that the support and guidance you are seeking is already within you and always has been? Well, it is. It runs through your veins carried in your blood and every cell in your body. It is in the brown or blue eyes (and perhaps you have one of each) looking back at you from the mirror. It is in that beauty mark you have just below your left breast. Or that beautiful singing voice and love for poetry. These are traits and treasures left by your ancestors.

Imagine that you could call on your ancestors for guidance regardless of whether you know your genealogy or not, whether or not you’ve met your great-grandfather, or heard a million stories about the village or tribe your African or European foremothers came from. Knowing or not knowing is not important. CLAIMING THE AWARENESS OF YOUR CONNECTION is what will give you access to them. Your ancestors are a great source of support, protection, and wisdom. You are the answer to their dreams, so of course they will work on behalf of you in all you create out of love…all you need to do is ask to be witnessed, supported, and held…and they will!

Will you join me??


Your Guide for this Workshop

Milagros Suriano-Rivera is a Color of Woman Teacher of Intentional Creativity® and a Creative Catalyst, Her vision is to create offerings from her soul for your soul! Her sacred assignment is to impact, impress, and inspire every beloved on her thread to create their own healing through self- expression using art as a sacred practice. Healed Enough Arts is a container to hold the offerings for women seeking tools to transform the frameworks in which they see and relate to their inner narratives and the world.

During this workshop we will be using a way of working called Intentional Creativity® which simply means creating with intention to gain access to that which wants to be revealed. This can be done by practicing connection through ritual, journeying through visioning, journaling, metacognitive drawing, and creating medicine in the form of paintings, clay works, or any other mixed media method the Muse desires.

From Milagros….

Carving created by my father Luis Matta-Rios 1974

“I grew up only knowing one of my grandparents. My paternal Abuela Maria.  That was the extent of my knowledge or connection to my ancestry. My identity was never an issue or concern for me, unless someone was asking me if I was Black, Dominican, or other.  The question of heritage, lineage, and identity was never something of significance, as I spent most of my life in survival mode and just being Me. It never dawned on me that my resilience was not exactly my doing, but an inheritance bestowed by my ancestors.”

“Recently, I embarked on a journey of self-healing regarding my identity and ancestry as a Latina woman of color.  I was catapulted into this reality as I witnessed the murder of George Floyd.  I was not merely watching it…I witnessed it! I was pulled into that quantum space and was there along with everyone else witnessing him take his last breath. I tried to gasp, but i found that I couldn’t breathe. Something inside me broke and I suddenly became aware of not only my blackness, but the presence of my ancestors and every generation before me that suffered injustices for being black.  This realization has helped me acknowledge that even though I didn’t know and still don’t know much about my lineage, my ancestors know me. They are in my blood, DNA, and every cell in my being. So obviously if I am here, then so are they!  This pain that resonated through me from beyond the veil, heavens, and generations, was all the proof I needed, that I was connected.  This new knowing has been key to me realizing that everything I have ever been through has brought me to this very moment where I can acknowledge and thank my ancestors for all the support they have given me in order for me to survive, overcome, and grow in order for me to be able to bring you this offering.”

‘She Who Cries for Equality and Justice’ was my response to the pain I was feeling as I witnesses the injustice of George Floyd’s murder and the knowing that my ancestors were witnessing and supporting me.

Are you a woman seeking to reconnect with your INNER WISDOM through CONNECTION with your ancestors?

If so, then this class is for you!

During this IC painting process you will:

  • connect in sacred circle through ceremony – so that you can be supported by a community of like-minded women during this journey
  • use your canvas as a portal – so that you can gain access to the unseen realm of your inner landscape
  • amplify your awareness through images and symbols – so that you can decode the codex of your ancestral language
  • create a medicine painting as a talisman – that will be an altar to bring your dreams or concerns for witnessing by your ancestors
  • claim and celebrate your ancestral connection – so that you can practice gratitude and embody sacred connection.

Our hope for this workshop is to create an experience that may help you hear the whispers of wisdom passed on by your ancestors through your own soul voice.


What you get:

  • 2.5 hours of pre-recorded content – so you can create at your own pace.
  • lifetime access – so you may experience the process again and again!
  • a private facebook group – so you document and share your journey, ask for guidance and witnessing.

Will you join me?

Healed Enough Arts is a about women CHOOSING to show up as they are in order to access their inner landscape and embody true alignment of heart, mind, body, and field. Milagros is dedicated to bringing offerings to help you hear the Whispers of Wisdom more clearly and meet you where you are as a guide and witness during this process.


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