Medicine Mask

LOVED the Medicine Mask workshop! I did the meditation days ago- when I awoke from it grasshopper was looking at me. Not what I was expecting but I’m very much in tune with the animals – all creatures do not really surprised. And then I looked it up/ Grasshopper is good luck but even more important to my medicine journey, it is a symbol of creativity, visionaries, a reminder to listen to our intuition and trust , it is moving forward, dancing to your own music . This mask will now be part of my ritual each time I prepare to paint my Ritual painting. I’ve dedicated this year to nurturing my creative/spiritual/intuitive sides- to integration of all my selves. And part of my ritual was sharing this with my granddaughter – she didn’t do the meditation but to me it was sharing the creative time that mattered. We do this a lot together and I love our creative times. Her mask is pictured below mine. Thank you for a wonderful experience, for fueling my creative flame!

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