Confidence revealed

I had a breakthrough, the thing you hope to achieve during a creative process. The image of being kissed on the forehead resonates with me still. I loved writing the words and making them part of the mask, honoring the shadow and mining it for gold.
And from a structural standpoint, I have wanted to make masks for years. But I was unable to navigate the process. Your clear step by step visual, as well as verbal instruction let me achieve a life goal.
Also, the storied you shared about your own experience helped me to find balance in myself.
Thank you for stepping forward and sharing your gift.
You have helped me to thrive.

1 thought on “Confidence revealed

  1. Nancey, Thank you for sharing you heart with me…for choosing yourself and creating this beautiful mask! Oh i can feel the healing and love this mask eminates. I can now see you magnificent and confident and so does everyone else! Blessings sister!

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