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Following The Brush

Healing is just a brush stroke away!

Healing is not about a cure for what ails or troubles us. Healing is about cultivating a relationship with that which ails or troubles us. Our stories, experiences, and dreams, live inside of us as energy. When I am at a loss for words or not sure what I feel about something, I choose to create! When I surrender to my art supplies, I feel a sense of freedom and alright-ness in that moment. When I bring my intention to the canvas, journal, or whatever I am using to create with I am agreeing to show up mind, body, and soul. Allowing what wants to happen to happen.

Intentional Creativity┬« (creating with intention) is a powerful tool that creates potentials for self-healing and bringing form to the dreams you dare to dream for yourself. In this video, I found that I was feeling a bit of the Monday blues and assaulted by things that I need to be done on Tuesday, Wednesday, and so on. Why can’t I be present? I have to move this ball of energy!

So, I decided to stop everything and pick up the first thing I found which was a box of markers I had just organized and hadn’t used in over three years. Get a canvas and go with the flow. My intention was to move the energy . As you can see from the video the marker wasn’t working. “Keep Moving” …Just grab another one, color doesn’t matter, all that matters is that you are moving, allowing the energy to move. “Keep going” …the Gremlin has awakened joining in the chorus of my overwhelm. My Muse whispers…”I got you….it’s only energy, I got you, we’ve been here before”.

I keep my hands moving quickly, observing the hand holding the brush as we have somehow moved to paint, connecting with what is showing up, letting her happen. “What if people don’t like it?” I ask “Keep painting” my Muse encourages. So I keep my hand moving until the the gremlin is quiet and before I know it, I am feeling better! As I embody my observer self, I witness what I have created and acknowledge that the ball of anxious energy that I was working with has been moved through me and transformed into a lovely thing on the canvas. Hell, I feel so much better that I actually decided to write this post! How is that for healing? LOL!! This is a #hugeshift for me because I am not a blogger.

I am by far not cured of my anxiety, but for now, in this moment…..I am healed enough!