Malika, Queen of the 7 Feminine Powers


Acrylic on 30×30 Galery Wrapped Canvas. Muse Portrait.


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Malika is my Mystic Legend. Queen of the 7 Feminine Powers of Painter, Priestess, Prophetess, Poets, Provocateur, Peacemaker, and Psychic.

Malika is my Mystic Legend. Queen of the Seven Feminine Powers. This painting represents a Rite of Passage using  an Intentional Creativity process as  a framework to explore, examine, and embody my relationship to the feminine by way of the Archetypes of Painter, Priestess, Prophetess, Poetess, Provocateur, Peacemaker, and Psychic. As women we hold all these gifts and it is in our ability to access and honor all aspects of ourselves so that we can truly see our majesty and claim our sovereignty and self-agency.



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