An exploration of the masks we wear and how to heal the way we see ourselves.

Guided by Milagros Suriano-Rivera



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During this 2-hour self-paced video class we will:

  • connect in sacred circle through ritual – so that you can be supported by a community of like-minded women
  • use visioning to open the portal to your inner landscape – so that you can connect with your muse
  • explore through inquiry regarding the masks you wear – so that you can create a new narrative
  • create a mask that will hold your personal medicine – so that you heal how the world sees you
  • claim and celebrate what you have healed – so that you may be witnessed

My hope for this workshop is to create an experience that may help you to heal how you see yourself and choose how the world sees you, by claiming your authentic beauty and the most powerful gifts you want to shine into it!

Will you join me??

This is important to me because all my life I was a woman who from an early age was taught to be quiet, to be seen and not heard. I had not been taught that I was powerful or valued or that my voice mattered. Creativity helped me heal that narrative. By CHOOSING to be “healed enough” to create my own medicine and be a torch bearer for others seeking to step out of the shadows and into their power, beauty, and possibility, I been able to scream out in colorful strokes “I MATTER!”