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Letting Your Light Shine

Last weekend I took a step into my future and it was no easy task.

I attended the 2019 Christmas Showcase here in San Antonio Texas.  The two day expo was held at the Freeman Coliseum and I had signed up 4 months ago with a “sure why not” attitude.  I got caught up with my Color of Woman certification course and lost track of time.  There was a lot of procrastination and bullying from my critic of course.  

Before I knew it, the time was upon me and I scrambled for 2 weeks after returning from my graduation in Santa Cruz, California.  My critic went into overdrive and had me pinned to the walls of my body.  My stomach was in knots and crying sessions in the car had commenced.  It went as far as me sending emails to the organizer with plans to cancel the event, because I was not ready.  She reminded me that I was paid in full and a refund was not an option.

So after calling on the support of my Red Thread community, my fellow Woman of Color sisters, as well as guides, my Muse, ancestors….and oh, let’s not forget the prodding of my Beloved Harold (after finding out how much I’d invested in the event), I decided to show up anyway!

The fear was real, but the choice to show up and claim that I was ready where I was shifted something inside of me.  I realized this is what I cam 12,000 miles for.  To live my dream. To bring color and beauty to those who seek it.  To shine my light and use it to ignite the light of those whos light may only be an ember..

I not only surrendered to this happening, but became the happening.  The energy in the expo hall was amazing, the shoppers, the vendors, the atmosphere was tangible.  I steadily grounded my self in my booth and held the space I had created and those who entered felt it.  I gladly sent my light out to all who passed whether or not they spoke, looked, or purchased.  Several of my patrons admitted to feeling my energy as we connected and discussed my products and offerings.  I loved every minute of connecting with my people, while being conscious of where it felt in my body.  I can simply say “my heart was lit!”

2 thoughts on “Letting Your Light Shine

  1. Wow! Love all your art work Milagros! I also loved reading about your bravery. And your intention to light those whose embers are barely glowing.
    Thank you for your festival offering. I am still working on my booklet.
    Much love,
    Mary Ann

    1. Thank you Mary💗
      I’m so grateful for having a community to offer my heart to. Honoring your journey Sister!

      With Love and Red Thread!

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