My creative journey started years ago when I was started making  paper jewelry as gifts for my relatives because I couldn’t afford to buy them any. Before I knew it, selling a pair of handcrafted earrings or barrette was the difference between my children going to bed without dinner or not. In this way, creativity truly sustained me and my family. Suddenly, I started getting orders for my jewelry and Milliemade Creations was born!

Over the years I discovered the world of mixed media with all its delicious possibilities and i I found myself expanding my creative toolkit and creative community. I was while taking an on line class that I came across a woman named Shiloh Sophia! Now, Shiloh was unlike any of the other teachers I had encountered in my explorations. There was grace about her that compelled me to not move my eyes from the screen. She talked about this way of working called Intentional Creativity and how when you create something, that thing is infused with your love and intention and in making the thing both you and the beloved you created it for (even if you don’t know who will claim it), will also be changed by the thing on a molecular level. She invited me to have tea with my Muse. Nowthat was new…..and honestly I felt silly sitting in front of my computer with a cup of tea writing a letter to my imaginary Muse, but as I put my pen to the paper my Muse responded with the word BREATHE…until that moment I had not realized that i had been afraid to breathe most of my life, and i cried as i felt the exhale leave my body.

Breathe: The muse i created from Tea With the Muse 2008.

My path took a few windy turns, but I found myself needing support and called on the support of my new Red Thread Connect community for support as i embarked on attending my first public festival in Harlem, NY. This was the scariest thing I had ever done, yet i found myself grounded by knowing that i was connected to and witnessed by a global community of women i now call Sisters. That connection was life altering and the beginning of my journey in the Archetype of Artist as well as my path to becoming certified as a Color of Woman Teacher of Intentional Creativity.

As a Color of Woman Teacher and Creative Catalyst, my vision is to create art intuitively, allowing the art to flow from me in a raw and authentic way.  Using various mark making techniques, mediums, and materials infused with intention and heart wisdom to create works from my soul for your soul! I claim that my sacred assignment is to impact, impress, and inspire every beloved on my thread to create their own healing and self- expression through art and intentional creativity! It is with this intention and love in my heart that I created Healed Enough Arts as a container to hold the offerings for women seeking tools to transform the frameworks in which they see and relate to their inner narratives.

Healed Enough Arts is a about women CHOOSING to show up as they are in order to alchemize their stories, perceptions, and pain into medicine that can transform that which wants to be healed. As your Creative Catalyst my intention for this container is to help women and girls access their inner landscape and embody true alignment of heart, mind, body, and field, so that the can amplify the whispers of wisdom from their own soul voice.!

Are you a woman who is looking to transform your old stories and create a new narrative? Are you ready to let the world know that YOU MATTER?

I want you to know that YOU matter to me!

Creativity to me is not only about making art. It is about making medicine to heal the stories that run you so that you can be more of who you really are! It is about my desire to impress, inspire, and impact other women and girls called to activate their own self-healing though self-expression, because I believe we are all born to create!

Which is why in 2021 I am dedicated to bring offerings to you in the form of free and paid offerings I call Whispers of Wisdom or W.O.W to provide tools that can be used no matter where you are on your life path. I will meet your where you are as a guide and witness during each process.

Why? Well because I feel that although living in the NOW is about BE-ing present, and living in your W.O.W is about living beyond presence and in coherence. By embodying coherence we activate all of our being and systems to integrate as they are informed by our heart so that we can amplify the whispers of wisdom from the authentic voice of our hidden self.

During these workshops we will be using a way of working called Intentional Creativity which simply means creating with intention. This will be done by practicing connection through ritual, journeying through visioning, journaling, metacognitive drawing, and creating medicine in the form of paintings, clay works, or any other mixed media method the Muse desires.

This is how it works:


Flow and Structure, Structure and Flow

Ask your heart what it wants you to know

Right brain brings your ideas and desires

Left brain plans for what ignites your soul fire

This wonderful dance is only the start

It only requires that you see with your heart

What are you working with, what’s got you lit?

What does it look like? Let’s doodle a bit

Now for the what? where? why? and what is its form?

How? and what else? Come let us Heartstorm

If you see it, it will come in that you can trust

Your future is certain just follow your brush.

~Poem by Milagros Suriano-Rivera

I know that in-person gatherings will need to be done with care and that love should be in the center of all our choices. It is out of love that I have created this sacred container from which to hold space for you so that we may meet together here.

What students are saying….


Thank you for the Medicine Mask class! It was so POWERFUL! It helped me tremendously with something I was struggling with dealing with one of the masks I wear. Now I have removed that imposter mask and adorned my Self with the mask of my Authenticity… Thank you so much for this medicine!

Sumaiyah Yates

Medicine Mask

LOVED the Medicine Mask workshop! I did the meditation days ago- when I awoke from it grasshopper was looking at me. Not what I was expecting but I’m very much in tune with the animals – all creatures do not really surprised. And then I looked it up/ Grasshopper is good luck but even more important to my medicine journey, it is a symbol of creativity, visionaries, a reminder to listen to our intuition and trust , it is moving forward, dancing to your own music . This mask will now be part of my ritual each time I prepare to paint my Ritual painting. I’ve dedicated this year to nurturing my creative/spiritual/intuitive sides- to integration of all my selves. And part of my ritual was sharing this with my granddaughter – she didn’t do the meditation but to me it was sharing the creative time that mattered. We do this a lot together and I love our creative times. Her mask is pictured below mine. Thank you for a wonderful experience, for fueling my creative flame!

Elain Levinson

Confidence revealed

I had a breakthrough, the thing you hope to achieve during a creative process. The image of being kissed on the forehead resonates with me still. I loved writing the words and making them part of the mask, honoring the shadow and mining it for gold.
And from a structural standpoint, I have wanted to make masks for years. But I was unable to navigate the process. Your clear step by step visual, as well as verbal instruction let me achieve a life goal.
Also, the storied you shared about your own experience helped me to find balance in myself.
Thank you for stepping forward and sharing your gift.
You have helped me to thrive.

Nancey Eason

Finding My True Nature

Milagros’ class was life affirming. It helped me to come out of hiding and discover my true nature. I had been hiding my love for life and those around me for fear of being hurt. But once I claimed it there was no more hiding it. I now wear love openly!

Bettina Young