Whispers of Wisdom

  • Whispers of Wisdom


    I spent Mother’s Day on a flight from Raleigh, North Carolina heading to Austin, Texas. As I cruised above the clouds, my mind was pondering life and the world and who I was in it. I turned my awareness to my beingness, as flesh, spirit, and energy. Thoughts crossed my mind as I gave thanks to the universe in it’s expansiveness for supporting me as well as the tons of metal I was trapped in. I leaned into the marvel of being trully between heaven and earth as I have imagined so many times before….yet actually being there in the physical realm was so comforting some how. Almost as if,…

  • Whispers of Wisdom

    Letting Your Light Shine

    Last weekend I took a step into my future and it was no easy task. I attended the 2019 Christmas Showcase here in San Antonio Texas.  The two day expo was held at the Freeman Coliseum and I had signed up 4 months ago with a “sure why not” attitude.  I got caught up with my Color of Woman certification course and lost track of time.  There was a lot of procrastination and bullying from my critic of course.   Before I knew it, the time was upon me and I scrambled for 2 weeks after returning from my graduation in Santa Cruz, California.  My critic went into overdrive and…