Being About It! Solo Exhibit

Being About It!
Solo Art Exhibit

This Exhibit, hosted by MUSEA Intentional Creativity Museum, features artwork curated from Multimedia Artist and Intentional Creativity Educator, Milagros Suriano-Rivera. The featured artwork covers her 25+ year career as an artist.

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Reflections from the Artist

What if your life were a canvas and your experience are the strokes and marks that create the masterpiece of you?

What if every loss becomes a prayer dot, every tear is added as a blessing, every challenge and celebration becomes a layer that informs who you are becoming?

As the creator you get to choose how you capture, arrange each element of your life as well as the form in which it will be expressed. As time goes on you look back and realize that you have an exhibit of beautiful and not so beautiful stories in front of you. They are displayed in the way you move and show up in the world.

What does that look like for you?

Why “Being About It”? I’ll tell you…

My creative journey started out of sheer survival and from a place of creating to live. From creating jewelry out of cardboard and magazine pages to feed my family as a single mother, attending festivals to pay for a dream trip to Ireland, quitting my corporate job because my heart wasn’t in it and it wasn’t what I was about. All I wanted to do was to create, and anyone who is an artist know how challenging it is.

Over the years my Beloved husband listened to me talk about my dreams of being a full time artist and wanting to truly live a creative life and my dreams and ideas about my art business being self-sustaining. Sometimes I would struggle with all that was required of me to pull this big transformation off. I would say to my hubby, “I am not asking for permission, I am asking for support”, his response was always “Don’t talk about it, be about it”!

I took that to heart. It was motivational. It was the truth! Every artist has to BE about it – and by ‘it’ I mean their art, their creativity, their self expression! That is the place where the magic comes from!

Being About It is NOT about exhibiting talent, prestige, training, skill, or experience as an Artist by the collective’s definition.

Being About it is…embracing creativity as a daily spiritual practice and knowing that even when I miss the mark, that too is part of the journey.

Being About It is … learning self-compassion by authoring my own definition for what my art should or shouldn’t be , but what it is.

Being About it is… It is to me about exhibiting my beingness and experiences as context for a body of work that expresses my creative journey, identity, and choice to bare the matter of me through my creative expressions in the context of my life as an organic, textured, imperfect, and evolving human experience, no matter the form that expression takes.

This exhibit is not only a personal challenge to BE ABOUT IT and show up anyway, but is an invitation for others to see art as a living representation of its creator.

My hope is that this exhibit will inspire, impress, and impact others to bring awareness to what they are BE-ing About and how they exhibit what they are being called to cause and create in the world.

~ Milagros Suriano-Rivera

About the Museum Show

This Museum Show is a celebration of the BEING About IT! Solo Exhibit which features artwork curated from over 25 years of paintings, sculptures, jewelry and other multimedia works of Artist Milagros Suriano-Rivera. The show will be hosted LIVE over Zoom, with Curator, Shiloh Sophia and Curatorial Director Amber Gould, hosting and inviting Milagros Suriano-Rivera to share her inspiring artist’s journey with our guests. The Exhibit Presentation will be streamed live, which is a multimedia art experience featuring the artwork from the exhibit, which will also be housed on an Exhibition page in our online museum,

We look forward to this lively celebration of one woman’s incredible body of work – the evidence of a quarter century of BEING ABOUT IT!

About MUSEA Intentional Creativity Museum

MUSEA Intentional Creativity Museum® is a living Art Museum and School. MUSEA is home to an inter-generational and multicultural collective of emerging and experienced creatives, healers, and leaders. The MUSEA community is a global art movement dedicated to self-expression as a method for consciousness and compassion through the arts. The Intentional Creativity Arts Guild of MUSEA-Certified educators and curators offer engaging arts programming across the world co-curating art exhibits and online classes and in-person experiences.

Milagros Suriano-Rivera is an artist we chose to collaborate with as she is an incredible representative and ambassador for the power of self-expression and Intentional Creativity to bring healing and vitality to the Artist’s life and to their family and communities as an extension. Milagros is our VP of Programming for our Foundation – the Intentional Creativity Foundation – sharing her creative insights and inspirations with our membership community for 5+ years, the host of our #CreativeConversations, and a co-guide and student advocate at numerous Intentional Creativity events. She is a cherished creator and leader without the MUSEA Collective, and we believe her multimedia artwork heals and inspires. We hope you are all moved by her MUSEA Satellite Solo Exhibition – BEING About It!