Altar Goddess

Guided by Milagros Suriano-Rivera



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Accessing the Sacred Feminine within you can be easy and fun!

Sculpting has been around since the time our ancient ancestors started making clay from the earth, with their hands as their first tools for creation.

Because these creations were made for their functionality, we know that creating with intention has been around for millennia.

The ability to create with conscious awareness is an advantage we have that our ancient ancestors didn’t … this is the key to bringing our deepest desires, prayers, and intentions into form and harness the sacred within us.

This is why Healed Enough Arts is inviting YOU to take the Altar Goddess Journey!!

During this 1-hour self paced virtual sculpting class you will:

  • Use creativity as a tool to tap into the power of the sacred feminine
  • Explore this simple and fun medium called air dry paper clay
  • Create a beautiful Altar Goddess.
  • Experience the power of creating with intention.
  • Access Your Inner Goddess
  • Activate your relationship with the Feminine
  • Amplify your rituals by creating a personal talisman to adorn your altar

Using paper clay which is a very forgiving medium, you can create beautiful objects with tools as basic as your hands to manifest your Inner Goddess and sculpt a talisman to adorn our altars. No Experience Necessary!

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